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29th Dec 2016, 3:50 PM



If you didn't already know, there's currently a Kickstarter campaign to fund printing Volume 3 of Ignition Zero, and to re-print Volumes 1 and 2! Click here! JUST SIX DAYS REMAINING!

Last night we blew past the first stretch goal of $5,000, whooo!
That means EVERY BACKER will get a PDF copy of the short comic "Neve & the Unicorn," or if you already own it, a beautiful art postcard! Yay!

Now I'm announcing a second stretch goal: $6,000 means that I will write a brand new Ignition Zero short story about the characters of your choosing! Backers will get to vote in a poll for which characters they want this story to focus on, including any minor characters you might be curious about. Backers will receive this story as a PDF download once it is finished, probably a month or two after the books go out.

Please check out the campaign and back if you can! Every little bit helps so much and buys more books for me to sell in the future. I won't really be able to afford printing this in large quantities again, so this is your big chance to get Ignition Zero in print! There will be some copies available for purchase after the campaign, but pre-ordering now through Kickstarter is the most surefire way to get the books. If it helps, Kickstarter will not charge you until the campaign ends at 12 noon PST on January 4, in case you need to wait for your paycheck tomorrow or something ;) <3

Even if you can't back, please spread the word! Every new Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. post gets the word out to new people! <3<3<3

Thank you everyone, so much! JUST SIX DAYS TO GO!

Link to Kickstarter!!

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