Volume 3 Back Cover Art

posted 16th Nov 2016, 3:42 PM

Volume 3 Back Cover Art
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16th Nov 2016, 3:42 PM


Hi everyone! Long time no see!

Originally I promised to upload a few sneak peeks and such after the comic ended, as we ramp up to the Kickstarter, but life kind of got in the way for the last two weeks or so. Namely, post-election slump. I hope everyone in the US with me (and those outside who are worried too) is doing okay right now, and if not, I understand.

Anyway, here is the back cover art for Volume 3! My precious babies, Martin and Neve! Robbie and Orson are on the back covers of the other two books, so I thought they deserved a spot on this one. I've also updated the way I designed the back-cover blurb about the book; the other two volumes have been changed to match and given better blurbs.

I've been working hard on the Kickstarter today, and it's almost ready for submission! I just need one more thing and some tweaks before we move towards going live. Yay! Check back here and also follow me on social media so you know when the Kickstarter is going on!


And below, you can see a video flip-through of the new book!

Thank you so much!

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