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30th Jan 2011, 2:24 PM



Hello, everyone!

For a few years now I've had a hankering to create a webcomic and/or graphic novel--probably because I read a lot of both. However, I've never really been able to get my ideas off the ground! Sometimes they weren't the best ideas, and sometimes...I was just busy. Right now I'm finally in a position where I think I can handle a three-post-a-week schedule AND I've got what I hope is a good, interesting idea!

Most webcomics these days are digitally drawn, or at least digitally colored. Ignition Zero, however, is completely traditional aside from a few adjustments in Photoshop. Each page is done in pencil and watercolor on a piece of 9"x12" watercolor paper. It is kind of labor intensive, but I love it. So far.


This comic will be featuring content that some people may not understand or agree with--like Orson's anarchist and Marxist friends, Deaf culture, people with special needs, or asexualism in general (a word which right now has a red underline, as the dictionary doesn't recognize it!). I try not to be preachy, but Ignition Zero does heavily feature organic, vegan, DIY/anti-consumerism type lifestyles because it's what I know/love/live, and what most of my friends know/love/live. It's not the only lifestyle type you'll see, of course! One of the things I strive for most is diversity.

Also, you may notice the site itself is a bit lacking. In the next few months I'll be working on making it more legit, buying a domain name, adding extras pages, etc. So look for that in the future! 1/31/11 marks the posting of page one! I'm so excited for it to go up, and I hope you enjoy it.

- Noel