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25th Nov 2011, 12:06 AM


November News & Ignition Z.ine!

Hey, everyone! Hope you're having a good November, and if you're American, that you had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner yesterday! One of the things I'm definitely thankful for is all of you, if you'll allow me to be sappy for a moment.

So, we're back after a short run of guest art--thank you Robin and JoJo for your amazing contributions! School is always hectic this time of year, and the two student groups I'm on the executive board for decided to have their biggest events of the semester all at once. Phew! Trans* Awareness Week and the Active Minds National Mental Health on Campus conference went well, I'm happy to report, but I'm even happier to be on break...and making comics again.

Speaking of comics, I've got news for you concerning Ignition Zero!

Cool Shit Coming Soon to a Theater Near You, Direct to VHS

- I have plans to redo the site layout and move from ComicFury to my own hosting sometime over the winter break, aka in early January. This will likely mean a short period of downtime, but when it's over, it'll be totally worth it! The url-- remain the same, so don't worry about that. I'll let you all know when it's about to happen.

- There are only four pages left in Chapter 3! Originally there were 19, but I found a spot to cut it off and moved the remaining 15 pages into Chapter 4. So, that means wrapping up on the current plot arc and moving on with the story...things are about to get a bit more focused, let me tell you. More worldbuilding, more backstory, more action! More...drag queens. Yes.

- Over winter break I will be looking into making prints and other merchandise available. Since Chapters 1-3 will make up the first printed book of IgZ, I'll also be looking into that. I would love to have a table at one con or another in 2012, but we'll have to see how the money situation is going, and I'll have to have merch of course! We'll see. Otakon might be a bit out of my price range.

- I don't know how many of you remember that the Extended Edition blog thing exists, since I haven't touched it in months, but now that I've mentioned it...

As Hipster as Plaid and Nutella: IgZ Extended Edition becomes Ignition Z.ine!

Ignition Z.ine will be a digital magazine issued quarterly, or more specifically, in early January/April/July/October. It will be offered FOR FREE to read online at Here's an example of a digital mag at Issuu, so you have an idea what this will be like. COOL, RIGHT? 

Here is the lineart for the cover!

Ignition Z.ine will contain the same kind of content that the Extended Edition was meant to--short stories, mini-comics, related art, anything related to IgZ that isn't part of the main comic! There will also be a fanart spot in each magazine, so if you send yours to me, I will feature your brilliance! the future...there is ever fanfiction, I might consider that as well. I'll know I'm successful as a storyteller when THAT happens. I'll know I've made it big when I find the first erotic one (this is, in fact, a serious goal of mine: to have erotic fanfiction written about my characters...preferrably bad erotic fanfiction).

Anyway, the definite update schedule will make sure that I actually update you all with the promised extra content, and the fact that it's quarterly/all at once makes it easier for me to get the material together in the first place. It'll be sweet. Sooo sweet. 

Help a Bro Out: Call for Guest Art!

Sometimes, like with this past week, I know far in advance when I'm going to be too busy to update. I asked JoJo and Robin waaaay back in October if they would mind doing the pieces that went up last weekend! However, life doesn't always work that way, and I would feel terrible asking anyone for guest art at the last minute. Therefore, I'd like to build up some stock now, so that if anything comes up, I'm prepared! If you'd like to do some guest art or a guest comic for IgZ, make it whenever you feel the urge and then email it to me at! If you have your own comic or art site, let me know and I'll promote you when your guest art goes up. I'd really appreciate it!

Easing Your Mid-LifeWeek Crisis: Wednesday Updates

I really, really want to update three times a week. The pacing would benefit SO MUCH, and you guys would get 50% more comics in the same amount of time! Right now, whether or not I start doing Wednesday updates immediately depends on how much work I get done over this break period. I wouldn't say the odds are good either way, but it's not impossible. What's entirely more possible is that I'd build up an incredible number of comics (haha here's hoping) over the winter break and be able to do it then!

Who knows? Maybe I'll try and it won't work, which is what happened when I first started the comic with 3/week updates. We'll see!


Well, thanks for reading! I hope you're as excited as I am for all these...things to happen. Happy holidays, and enjoy the new update!

6th Oct 2011, 11:28 PM


Donation Drive II

Hello, all my wonderful readers!

Since I am a poor young thing, I currently rely on donations to keep this comic running! One day this will not be the case, but we've gotta keep going in the meantime.

So, I ask for your monetary support so I can buy more watercolor paper, inks, and eventually real hosting & advertising! There are rewards for donating, as you can see above.

$1 or more: Your name will be entered into the raffle to win one of five mini-prints like the one I'm holding in the photograph
$10 or more: Raffle entry + a physical copy of my new 24-page minicomic "Eleven Sweaters," which is my own weird take on Hans Christian Andersen's "The Wild Swans"
$15 or more: Raffle entry + "Eleven Sweaters" with a personalization (small sketch, your name) on the inside cover - when you donate, please tell me what you'd like under the notes/message section
$25 or more: Raffle entry + "Eleven Sweaters" personalized + 5"x7" print of "These Stories"
$40 or more: above plus a small original drawing of any IgZ character :)

- Click the Hugh button on the sidebar that says DONATE!
- Since it is through PayPal, you may use credit, debit, or your own PayPal (bank account, etc). I am NOT currently accepting cash through mail for your protection.
- The email address you provide will be the way I contact you about your reward/shipment status, so make sure it's one you check!
- There will be an option to add a shipping address. PLEASE add the address you would like me to ship your rewards to (if you are $10+). I will check with you before sending to confirm it is the right address.

That's it! If you have questions or problems, don't hesitate to email me at noel[at]noel-arthur[dot]com.

You guys are the best!

30th Jun 2011, 2:41 PM


End of June Updates

Hi everyone!

First of all, thank you for reading. As much as I like the actual making of these pages, comics are meant to be read! I hope you are enjoying the story and the art--I plan on continuing this project for some time to come.

Secondly, my scanner problem has been solved by the extremely generous actions of Sid Hancock, who is my friend and the creator of Raventown. This week I used my mother's scanner (I'm at her house for the summer), but thanks to Sid I'll have my own again very soon! You should check out Raventown and also his "Comics by John Egbert!" Tumblr which is a Homestuck fan-thing.

Sid and I have collaborative plans for a series of mini-comics, too, so you should keep an eye out for that in the future!

Thirdly, if you're another webcomic/comic artist with dreams of doing comics/illustration for a living, HI THERE! A lot of the well-known/established comics artists that Sid and I follow and admire are all friends and make up this amazing network of artists. We want that kind of thing, too! Not to mention I have a distinct lack of artistic friends to talk to these days. That said, we should all totally be friends so that when we're almost 30 we can go to cons together and then get drunk afterwards and draw crazy things on napkins. Sid and I are both on the shy side but I promise we're really nice and actually funny sometimes. 

If you wanna be friends, add me on Tumblr and/or Twitter and send me a message that you read this and want in! We can chat about our comics and whatnot, and I'll add you to my comics list on the "Links" page. Even if you're not a comics person, we can still be friends of course!

Hope everyone is having a good summer so far. If not, get on that!


6th May 2011, 5:02 PM


Donation Drive!

Hi everyone! We've been updating for over three months now, which is far longer than anything I've ever done before. I'm so grateful to every reader--as much as I love making IgZ, sharing it is the best part. So, thank you!

Now I need a little help. I have to stay at my mom's house this summer, and the nearest art store (a Michaels, BLEH) is 30 mins away over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge...yeah, she lives on an island. Anyway, since I can't just walk up the street to Plaza like I do here, I'd like to purchase all the supplies I'll need for the summer in advance. I'd also like to utilize the time I'll have without class to create a huge backlog of comics so that you're sure to get consistent updates in the fall. In order to make this happen, I'll need a bit more funds than I currently have. That's where YOU come in.

Guess what? You get stuff for donating!

$1: an IgZ wallpaper for your desktop

$5: Wallpaper, PDF copy of Chapter One + "Flames Came Rushing" e-book

$10: Wallpaper, PDF w/ e-book, and IgZ bookmark (real, mailed to you!)

$15: All of the above plus 1-week promotion of your comic/site/videos/whatever you do

$20: All of the above, but 2-week promotion

$25: All of the above, but 1-month promotion

$30: All of the above and mini black & white commission (6"x6")

$35: All of the above but color commission instead of B&W

$40: All of the above but small color commission (8"x10")

$45+: All of the above and your choice of an IgZ original art comic page (THE THING I DREW!)


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Even if you're not able to donate, I REALLY appreciate your continued readership. With your support, I can keep this comic going and eventually offer you wonderful things like physical books. Who knows where we'll go?

IMPORTANT NOTE: the donation rewards will not be instantaneous. Expect digital stuff/an address request for physical stuff in 1-4 days.

- Noel

16th Feb 2011, 6:32 AM


Your Questions Answered!

I got a few questions in the comments for Wednesday's comic (#008), so I thought I'd answer them with a blog post!

1. How do you control watercolor so well? (from Linden)

Good question! I get this sort of thing pretty often outside the webcomic as well, since all of my personal art is done in the same watercolor/ink mixture. The answer is:

  • practice! Sounds cliche but is totally true. Learn from your mistakes. Build muscle memory.
  • tons of patience. For the most part, you can't just slap your brush around or use quick strokes with watercolor, especially for something like this comic. Excepting large areas or certain stylistic additions, my brush strokes are extremely controlled and pretty slow. This also applies to:
  • drying time. The best way to control watercolor is by controlling which areas of the paper are wet and dry--the paint will go where there's water, so by controlling wet and dryness, you control the paint. This means doing small non-adjacent sections at a time and waiting for them to dry before moving on. For every hour that I spend actually painting, there's usually between 3-6 hours of drying time where I'm off on the internet or something (but all broken up, not all at once). You'll get to see this in more detail when I do my process post.

I've had a lot of people express to me the idea that watercolor is a difficult medium. It is, if a) you don't know how to use it/how it works and/or b) you're used to painting in oils or acrylics. If you're interested in watercolor, I strongly encourage you to take a class! I took watercolor and did an independent study on the medium in high school with a really excellent teacher, and although I've discovered a lot of things through experimentation, the foundations she gave me were really crucial to my artwork as a whole.

2. And by not "hard drawing" the dialogue in, does that possibly mean we could get "raw" versions of the comic? (from Shamus)

I'm not exactly sure what you mean here, but if by "raw" you mean comic pages without the dialogue, well, what would be the point? I'm not placing the digital bubbles over top of handwritten speech--the page is now solely an illustration, and so the digital bubbles are going over top of backgrounds and the like.

Eventually I will be doing a process post, and so you'll get to see the comic without bubbles then (in addition to things like the preliminary sketches, actual sketches, and clean line art), and eventually a printed book might have a "sketchbook" section, but other than that, I guess the answer's no.