009|010 - The Grace Cafe

posted 22nd Feb 2011, 8:00 PM

009|010 - The Grace Cafe
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15th Feb 2011, 8:00 PM


WHEW. I'm not completely over being sick, but I did feel well enough today (Tuesday) to finish this for Wednesday's post! Yay!

If you'd like to see it bigger, click here!

The Grace Cafe is THE setting in the LIG universe, really--it shows up in every single Glory City-based piece of fiction I've written. I was gonna fill the seats with upcoming characters to make a point, but I forgot. The kid on the stage will show up wayyyy later, though. Like, way.

That glass pastry case and I have a love-hate relationship. You will see it in like, the next two pages at least. Gah.

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23rd Feb 2011, 6:11 AM



I've been looking forward to this page. You know I have.

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23rd Feb 2011, 6:14 AM

Mary Ella


I wanna be heeeere.

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23rd Feb 2011, 9:54 AM


Can I just say I love that Orson has a unibrow

That said holy crap, you are rocking that pastry case.

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23rd Feb 2011, 11:35 AM


So worth the wait. I love it LOVE IT.

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23rd Feb 2011, 2:17 PM


:D I see you there Umbrella! I see you!

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3rd Mar 2011, 5:55 AM


OH i see you snuck in that veggie burger special you vegan you. Anyways, wasn't this a seperate drawing at some point in time? Er, the same concept? something? perhaps i just recognize the place because you show it well? iunno.

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28th Jun 2011, 1:16 PM

Em Mcclure

You added an amazing amount of detail considering the fact that you are using watercolor. It looks great.

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