156 - Fairytale Cottage

posted 1st Oct 2012, 12:00 AM

156 - Fairytale Cottage
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1st Oct 2012, 12:00 AM


Eryl I'm going to steal your house it's TOO AWESOME.


Thank you to everyone who submitted words on Friday's comic for the mini-contest! 98% of them were new to me--you all are good! Some of those long words...man, how ridiculous can the English language be?

But length alone is not enough to impress! I have chosen two winners, and they are:

From Seth Nicholson:
Zeugma: a single use of a word operating on two or more other words or phrases such that the same definition of the word does not apply in all cases. Since the definition of 'zeugma' can seem incredibly confusing until you see an example, here's a classic: 'We serve people and food.'

From Alex:
Nycthemeron - the natural day and night, the span of 24 hours.

Something about the way both of these words sound, and their meanings, just tickles my wordly fancy. If the two winners would kindly send an email to noel@noel-arthur.com, I can get your prizes to you!

Anyway, new scene in the comic starting today! I'm excited for this part of the arc mostly because I love Eryl so much, but also for what it leads into!

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