Guest Art - JoJo Seames

posted 5th Aug 2013, 9:22 AM

Guest Art - JoJo Seames
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5th Aug 2013, 9:22 AM


Today's guest art is a beautiful watercolor painting by JoJo Seames, woman of many, many wonderful projects and talents! Also a big influence on me when I was first learning to use watercolor :)

You can check out all of JoJo's comics and other projects here!

There will be a two page update this Friday! Two pages every Friday is our new posting schedule!

As you can see, TECHNICALLY Monday/Friday is in the lead, but it also means 62% of you voted AGAINST it. Since 2 pages/Fridays came in so close and the other options are just more extreme versions of that one, that's what I'm choosing. This also works better for me as far as making comics goes, which really is the ultimate decider! I just wanted to make sure most of you all were okay with it :)

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