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Noel, what is Patreon and how does it work?
Patreon is a subscription service that lets you support artists and other content creators directly! You pledge any amount of money per month and in return, receive cool rewards like (in my campaign) bonus content, Tarot readings, early comic pages, commissions, and more. Click the link above to read about the different reward levels. Patreon does not charge you until the 1st of the month after you sign up. You can cancel or change your pledge amount at any time.

Patreon is a VERY important part of my income right now! I rely on it to help pay my bills/rent/etc. This is the way that I will be able to reduce my day job hours and gain more art-career hours to make stuff for you all <3

So what do I need to do to see the Epilogue pages early?
Pledge at least $1 per month to my Patreon! That's it. Once you pledge, you'll get access to a feed where I will post them for only you and other Patrons to see. Honestly, you only need to pledge for the month of August and maybe September, if you want, since that's when I'll be posting them.

Thank you so much for all your understanding, your patience, for reading, for commenting, everything <3<3<3

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